J A M E S   W A L T E R


The features of the sun and the site can begin to arrange and design the house.

I make a list of parts and give them appropriate size usually even sizes to make it easy the draw the parts.   I use rectangles because they can fit together next to each other.    I draw these parts at the same scale as the lot plan and cut out these parts and put the name and sizes in each part.   I put these parts on the lot plan in no particular order but just to see the relationship of the parts to the size of the building area. 

The sun movements throughout the year is very important in the design of any house.   I am using 44 north latitude for this site.  

What do you know?   The area or use needs.  I don't really like to call these rooms because later in the design process I am making spaces not boxy rooms.  Let us call these areas the Parts of the house that have special uses. 

The sun.  North direction.

The needs for the house. 

This graphic shows the sun rise and sun set on the longest to the shortest days of the year.   The movement of the sun is continually changing and this will direct where the function and arrangement of the areas of the living space may best be located. 

The next thing you know is the site or the lot where the house will be built.   Here we have a lot the is 75'-0" wide on the street and 150'-0" deep.   The lot has 10'0" side and rear set back requirements as well as 20'-0" street set back.   No building can take place in the set back.  Only landscaping and driveways.

The sun follows an arc from sun rise to sun set with the high point at noon of about 22 degrees in winter to 44 degrees in the longest day of summer.   

Roof over hangs can be made so that the interior is shaded in the summer and will allow the deeps penetration of the sun in the winter months. 

List of area or needs in the house.


Shane's list area sizes.

Parts list and sizes
Name       W x L      AREA SF
Bedroom 16 x 14.5 =232 SF
Bath room 10 x 6 =60
Main Hallway 20 x 5= 100
Foyer 14 x 8= 112
Living Room / Dining 27 x 15= 405
Kitchen 7 x 12= 84
Closets/Storage 2.5 x 3 =7.5
Closets/Storage 2.5 x 3= 7.5
Laundry room 3 x 5 =15
Walk-in Bedroom closet 6 x 6.5 =39
Total SF 1062
CAR PORT OR GARAGE   12 X 20= 240
UTILITY 8 X 8 =64

Next arrange the areas of the plan in the best location for solar exposure. 


The site provides a lot of information that will help you design the house.  The limits of the building area on this lot are 45'-0" x 120'-0".  

The site or lot.

First step is to understand the needs and conditions.