J A M E S   W A L T E R


House and Guest House 2000 to 2006

16x24 foot with 8 foot wide entry deck open to the south for maximum solar gain.

Guest House

House for Doug & Colleen Rasmussen

From: Doug
Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 2003 7:30 AM
Subject: Spectacular

Dear James,

Colleen overheard one of the architecture students saying that he thought
the our House was your best work ever.    I admit to being biased but
Colleen and I tend to agree with him.
Every house that I ever lived in has been lacking light, even with the
lights on. Your house is filled with wonderful natural light, even when the
lights are turned off. It is spacious while at the same time being cozy and
romantic. It's exactly as I envisioned it when I first saw the plans.
My brother-in-law is fascinated by the laminar flow tub filler, and
mentioned it to dozens of people at work - now we have a list of people
seeking a house tour. Colleen thinks we should charge some sort of
admission fee, perhaps a bottle of wine each so we can have a proper open
I think when all the "fit and finish" work is done you will have created a masterpiece.
Colleen and I thank you for all the creative energy you expended to make
our dream a reality. We simply love the house.


Doug and Colleen

Sleeping space with Tokanoma  opposite  the foot of the bed.  Low shelf ceiling is at 6'-8" height to contrast with the 12'-0" cathedral height of the ridge of the roof.

Two part Japanese Bath.  One part for washing and the other for bathing.

Living, Dining, Kitchen with open passage to the Sleeping area beyond.  Above the living is open to a balcony with office study and 2nd Bedroom.  The stair up is just behind the cabinet wall.  The Bath area and walk-in closet are beyond the stair.  The glass to the left is south with a view into the natural wooded property. 

Great Living Space

Deep tub for soaking bath.  All 2x2 inch ceramic tile floor, walls and seat.  Tub can be filled from the ceiling or deck faucet.  The shower to the right has flush floor entry and the tile seat carries into the shower.  Floor and seat are heated.  View to the private Japanese garden with sliding door access. 

Radiant in floor heat with tile finish throughout the ground floor.